Yummy yummy, whoops

Do you ever have those days when you know you have forgotten something but cannot remember for the life of it what it is.

I had one of those days yesterday.

Maybe I had just tried to pack to much into one weekend.

Maybe my mind was elsewhere or maybe I’m just getting old.

Whatever the reason last nights attempt at this beautiful traditional pork scratchings recipe ended up with me running out the house with a black stinky baking tray and a hubby banning me from the kitchen forever.

When asked if I fancied trying this recipe I was super excited.

Who doesn’t love a nice pork scratching and considering I have eaten and loved the restaurant in the Copthorne hotel I knew this recipe has the potential to be super tasty.

Of course the recipe does have you leaving the pork skin in the oven on low for 6 to 8 hours, what it doesn’t have you doing is leaving it for way over that time and simply just forgetting about it. ☺️

Whoops, does not seem to come close.

Thankfully I have saved the recipe and may try again at a later day.

Well that’s if my husband allows me back into the kitchen.

On a serious note though you really should check out the recipe for yourself and the Copthorne hotel. I’m still dreaming about the lamb koftas I had there a few months ago, with the Head Chef Michael Chambers the food is seriously yummy.


* I was given the ingredients try, destroy this recipe.

Keeping your home safe.

As Foster carers we have annual health and safety checks and yes whilst I complain every year about it I have appreciated how it has brought to our attention hidden dangers within the home.

It has shown us things that we hadn’t thought about or even realised were a danger and actually things that shocked us.

•Things like us having our water-butt close to our flat roof making it easy for burglars to hop up through one of our windows.

•Making sure our fire alarms and carbon monoxide monitors were all working well, so we didn’t pay the highest price ever with our lives.

•Checking the locks on our windows, not only to protect us against being robbed but to keep the kids safe by having the child restrictors ones fitted  so that the windows only open half way so the kids don’t go jumping out or fall out by accident.

•Making sure that household cleaners are locked away, so that young children don’t have access to things like bleach, dishwasher tablets etc.

Seriously there are so many things that we had to think about to protect our homes, and ourselves.

Legal and General have a fantastic online interactive house which allows you to see inside a virtual family home for the purpose of foreseeing dangers. This is a fantastic tool which gives you simple ideas to help protect your home and your loved ones.


One of the main protections we have for ourselves is home insurance this protects us when accidents happen or the crimes occur.  Policies vary and you can make sure the cover you have fits your requirements.

Seriously check out policies for both contents and buildings and make sure your home is protected today.

These insurances are things we never hope to use but are always glad we have.





* This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.