So I’m home from Cybermummy

So how do I feel after my crazy weekend at Cybermummy. Firstly exhausted it has been a busy few days, travelling to London was an experience and the conference itself was
a long and intensive day.

Was it worth it? Totally, I got to meet some amazing people who I hope I can say have now become friends.

From a blogging point of view I still have a lot to digest. My mind is full of ideas
and plans but I really need to work out where I want this blog to go and how I
want it to mature and grow.

The workshops were informative and meeting the brands was helpful though as a blogger with a ten-year old and two teenagers I was feeling a little left out in the midst of
all the baby stuff.

I have already been discussing changing the format of my blog but I need to make sure
that who I am and what I believe is still at the heart of my writing.

So watch this space…………


I’m at Cybermummy 2011

Oh my goodness I’ve done it. I made it through the doors. It is amazing, overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

The brands are all so welcoming. So far I have only really chatted to Lego Duplo, Boots and Butlins. I’ve also totally fell in love with a pair of crocs for Brodie. Their new winter styles are gorgeous and so funky.

Anyway I’m here!

So many bloggers in one place, let the revolution begin.

Cybermummy 2011

I should be so excited but to be honest I feel sick. Cybermummy 2011 is only two days away and yes I have my ticket ready but my heart is beating so fast I feel it may explode before I even make the train.

Can you tell I’m nervous? I feel like a fraud going to be honest. There are all these great bloggers out there and then there is me. I write whatever is in my head. This blog is my own personal therapy.

I am wondering what it will be like? Are the people from the blogs I read going to be how I imagined? I feel like I know these people yet the truth is I don’t. That is freaking me out a little, strangers but not.

The workshops look great, there will be brands there too. Not sure I will have the confidence to approach any but hey ho. Maybe I will slip my card into a pile and just hope for the best. Marketing myself has never been my strong point. I get lost around the point people start mentioning statistics.
Or what’s your blog about? My answer is simply “whatever is in my head today”.

It’s going to be an experience that’s for sure. I also get to escape child free for two days and spend some time with my best friend.

So yes I am looking forward to it in a nervous sick to my stomach way. It will be a personal challenge for me, writing is easy, talking is another thing all together.

So if you are going to be there this weekend I’m looking forward to meeting you. One more thing, there is coffee right ???


My baby girl

Fifteen years ago today I held my daughter in my arms after 15 hours of labour. I was there holding this beautiful chubby baby in my arms. I remember looking down at this child and thinking “wow she is mine”.

My first child, my first daughter.


Now that cute little baby is now a beautiful young lady who makes me so proud in all that she does. Her dedication to her schooling makes me proud, her voice his one of an angel and brings me to tears. Don’t take my word check her out.

Happy Birthday Kennedy, my beautiful first-born. I love you so much.

Mums on three

 Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending a event for the three ‘On the Go campaign’ in Birmingham. Check it out here, on there Facebook page.

The whole workshop was about getting moms together and looking at designing an app that would be beneficial in our daily lives.


All mums together


I must admit I was surprised how attached I have become to my Smartphone. I use it as a camera, for social networking, the calendar, meal planner and for blogging all that of course along with making phone calls or sending texts.

I’m also finding out how useful it is to get me from A to B though my next gift to myself will be a car holder so I can use the sat navigation features more. My list of uses to be honest could be endless, I use it to read books, surf the net, do my shopping I also play games on it though only scrabble and bubble shooter as I’m far from a gamer. My daughter also uses it as a mirror to check her makeup, teenagers ha ha.

To be honest I’m in love and while physically I’m sure I could survive without it emotionally may be a different matter.

Anyway I digress nothing new for me there but let’s get back to the three event.

The perfect app for busy mums!

Statics show that half of all UK mums (48 per cent) admit to going online in the depths of the night just to get everything done.

Research confirms that mums are always on the go, with most mums (82 per cent) now having less than an hour of me time a day, leaving the majority of mums (78 per cent) stressed on a daily basis.

But the market for applications is growing daily with some amazing and useful ones out there. So seriously were we going to be able to bring something new to the scene?

Our first task was to write down on post it notes your daily tasks, one thing per note of what you need to do each day. I confess I was horrified at the results

Our daily tasks

Yet even after this I realised I had missed out so much more. Besides my charity work being a foster carer and a parent the roles of taxi driver to two teenagers and being a wife got completely overlooked. My poor husband, but that’s another blog post.

I wasn’t alone each women in that room found themselves wishing they had a couple more hours in the day.

After chatting for a while about current apps and ideas we were set into groups and given the challenge of creating the perfect app for busy people everywhere.

I loved it, the group was full of some great ideas and inspiration flowed. After the joining of the groups together we designed what I believe is the perfect app. In fact I so want it NOW. Yes you can imagine me stamping my feet .

Now the Birmingham team app goes forward and will be unveiled at a later date with four others from workshops around the country. Then it will be up to you the general public to vote via Facebook for your favourite one. How exciting. I will update you after the competition starts with information on how to vote for mine no sorry I mean your favourite application. But while you wait pop over to the ‘mums on the go’ Facebook page and take a look. Don’t forget when you are over there to enter their great competition to win an amazing Caribbean holiday.

As for me I off to continue my love affair with my smart phone and hopefully remember to pick up my girls and show my hubby some love.