Christmas Wishes

Dear Santa

If I could have just one Christmas wish it would be to whisper I love you in my daughters sweet smelling hair. To twist those curls around my fingers and hear her gentle breathes on my cheek.

But I know Santa this is beyond your red large sack. Heaven is beyond the limits for your glorious sledge.

Yet in faith I know that the real reason for this joyous season has no limits. That one day in the future I will join my daughter in eternity. Where the passage of time will be no more. Where I get to hold her sweet hand in mine once again.

While I look forward to this day I still have so much to hold on to here on earth.

So here on the eve of our Saviours birthday I come to Jesus to say

Thank you.

Thank you for  my gentle daughters who have been my strength and my reason for living. They have showed me laughter and love that has no bounds.

Thank you for my dear husband he is my lifebelt in the rough waters of life. When I have been drowning he has saved me.

Thank you for my family and friends who I hold so dear. For being there when I needed a shoulder to cry on or a ear to moan to.

May you Jesus bless them all.

Bring peace to the chaos

Love to the lonely

Health to the sick

Joy to the world

May all come to know the eternal love that was born on that day in Bethlehem.

The Love Dare

My husband and I watched the DVD Fireproof the other night. It’s a Christian movie based around the book The Love Dare. It’s a fantastic resource for people considering marriage or who are married.

While the movie is based on a marriage that is at breaking point it’s also useful for marriages that just need a little TLC.

My marriage is fine it’s not perfect but show me one that is. I brought the DVD simply because honestly at times I miss my husband. We get so caught up in the children,our job and general life stuff that we forget to take time to cherish each other.

The movie was an eye opener for us both, it gave us so much to think about that days on we are still digesting it all.

One part that really struck me was when they stated that when we are courting we study our partner. We ask them questions about who they are, what they like? Yet when we get married we stop asking these questions.

Now I know for a fact that I’m not the same person I was 15 years ago when we got married, I have different likes and dislikes in everything from world news to music tastes. The same is for Alan yet when did I last ask “what music are you enjoying”? or “what do you think about this or that”?

I loved the concept of the movie so much that I’ve ordered the book the Love Dare. I want to keep my marriage as fresh as it was when we first said I do. The fact is after everything Alan and I have faced together we are pretty strong and I love him more now than I did 16 years ago. Yet relationships need time and to be nurtured and your marriage is one of the most important relationships you ever have.

I know at times Alan and I take each other for granted so I’m setting us the challenge of the Love dare, I let you know how we get on.


I haven’t time to be ill.

I don’t have time, not now please.

I can’t be ill there is so much to be done.

I’ve haven’t written the Christmas cards.

I haven’t wrapped all the presents.

I need to be out shopping not sick in my bed.

The children are giddy with excitement I’m giddy with a fever.

So much to do, so little time.

So much pain, shivering constantly.

It’s just a normal winter virus but I don’t have time for normality.

We have hospital appointments, Christmas parties and don’t forget the carol services.

I don’t have time to be ill.

Yet life doesn’t play by the rules we desire it to. I’m sure we would all like to fit our illnesses in to the week in year we have free.

I’m sick, my body aches all over and no matter how much I wish it away Christmas is coming.

Acceptance is a wonderful thing. The letting go into the abandonment, what will be will be.

Happiness can only exist in acceptance. George Orwell.

Letting go of the stresses of the season isn’t easy. Maybe I needed the illness to slow me down. To remind me of the real reason for the celebration. Perfection isn’t found in perfectly wrapped Christmas presents, or wonderfully penned Christmas cards.

Perfection came on that special day when our Saviour was born.


Cherishing Friendship

Regular readers of my blog will know that building up friendships is something I have struggled with for a long time. I suffer with issues of trust that at times can be a barrier that I place around myself.
The last year I have slowly started opening my heart and building foundations that in what I believe will be lifetime friendships. Even so I still seem to find myself waiting for the moment I mess it all up.
One of the places that have brought me peace and courage through these worries has been the (In)courage site. Here woman have opened their hearts and shared with us all moments that have left them feeling joy and brokenness. The honest writings of these ladies hearts have inspired me more than I could ever explain. My only frustration is that for the most part they all live miles away in another country.
So when (In)courage announced they were having an in real conference I was dismayed. I mean they are in the USA and I’m here in good old England. But you see I had got it wrong the (in)courage in real life conference wasn’t going to be one big event it was going to be mini events all around the world. A chance for woman to get together and embrace and celebrate friendship!
I will let the (in)courage team explain.

Yup, we’re bringing the beach house to you with the goal of connecting women beyond the blog post! How? Well, with a day of (in)courage meetups – think mini beach house parties – all around the country and globe and a webcast for everyone to tune into. A local meetup on a global scale; friends will gather to watch live webcasts of (in)courage contributors and community, connect with one another, and discover new friendships they didn’t know were right around the corner!
There will be something for everyone – walking, talking, laughing, hugging blog content – right in the comfort of your living room. The webcast kicks off on Friday, April 27 and (in)RL beach house parties follow on Saturday, April 28 with more live (in)courage content to tune into together. Just imagine thousands of (in)courage women all over the world getting together in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, or churches – you name it- to connect in real life!

See how awesome it is going to be. I’m excited that’s for sure, I’ve already signed up.
I’m not sure yet if I am joining a planned meet up, or if I’m going to find the courage to actually host one.
Wherever I am I hope that new friendships will be made, old friendships cherished.
So the question I want to ask is, “Will you join me?”