I sometimes think everything I do is in a state of unglued. I’m stumbling along this road called life. At times I feel so panicked I can hardly breathe.


But I have to find the courage, my voice, my place.


His voice the inner strength of his gentle words to my heart, ‘do not be afraid, I walk beside you.’

I need to focus, just one step at a time,

no wonder I’m falling down when I’m trying to carry the load all in one go.


A ‘to do’  list doesn’t say ‘to do all in one go’.


I need to take my time


To give myself  a break


And focus


On my pathway I do not walk alone.


She loves it, so why am I so sad?

My baby started seniors last week and guess what she loves it. She actually told me the worst part was the fact that she has to come home.


I know I should be ecstatic we were so worried as she is such a shy little one. Losing Livvy really knocked her confidence and her kind her heart always seemed to get a little broken in the real world.


I call her my wise owl and even have a charm on my pandora bracket to match. We gave her this nickname as she at times comes out with the wisest words. Words so true and thoughtful.


Yes I was worried, secondary school isn’t the place for a kind caring soul it’s full of those horrible creatures we call kids. Pre teens and those evil beings known as teenagers.  I was sending my baby into the mist of it all.


Secretly I was planning my homeschool lessons and teaching strategies but she loves it.


The teachers have recognized her as one of the Meredith girls and already she has got a good  rap-pour  going teasing about her big sisters ( see they have their uses sometimes).


She is already planning on going out for choir, singing lessons and so much more.


She comes home starts her homework and gets so excited about getting it right.


Simply she loves It there.


So why am I so sad?


Letting go isn’t easy, she is my baby, my youngest and she doesn’t need me as much.


It’s hard, it hurts.


My head is so proud of the way she has adapted to senior school but my heart aches.


Time is moving on a little to quick for this mom.