What would you save???


After watching the above video I was wondering about what I would rush to save if my home was being destroyed.


Now of course my children, husband and pets would be the first things I would get to safety.


But what after them would I consider to be my priceless possessions.


My memories 


Tied up in my photographs, scrapbooks and memory boxes I have memories of my children’s childhood.


In my memory boxes I have some of Livvy’s favorite things which when I hold close bring her closer to me.


In the photographs I have the images of my four girls together. Photos I can never replace or redo.


I know I should probably think about the macbook or jewelry as they are the expensive items but these precious memories are simply priceless to me. Like the above video shows  true value is what is in your heart not your bank balance.




So yes if my home was being destroyed my memories would be what I would rush to save.



My field in Wem

I cannot express in words the excitement I am feeling about next week.


I am off to ‘my field in Wem”


To many that may not sound exciting but to a group of special parents it is pure heaven.


Using the name “special parents” may be a play on words when I explain a little more about this piece of Shropshire paradise.


This field is a place that holds more bravery and courage than you will see anywhere.


A place where the medical knowledge of parents often outweighs that of the medical profession.


A field full of people who have and are fighting daily battles.


A campsite full of children with syndromes and diseases both named and unnamed who have more fighting spirit than will ever be seen at any boxing match.


All unique in their own special way.


Its a field in full of friendship and acceptance


For me its a field full of family.


My Special Kids in the UK family.



For the seven days  that I am on that  field i will never feel alone.


I will be hugged and hugged again.


I will be handed a glass (bottle ) of wine and my worries will be listened to and my heart will be comforted.


I will be advised and encouraged


Stories shared and battle scars nursed.


I will laugh, i will cry, ok I will cry loads



But I never will be alone.


For many years now I have been part of this special group.


They have kept me sane through endless hospital nights.


Pointed me to information and legislation so that i’m armed and knowledgeable when taking on professionals who manage budgets not disabled children.


They have allowed me the space and freedom to admit when I am scared or overwhelmed. Also allowing me to encourage them too.


They have held me up when I fell down.


They have shared my beautiful daughter with me  and still do with their stories and forever memories.


They bless my heart.


That field in Wem next week will be full of some incredible people I am so blessed to call my friends.


That campsite in a beautiful setting will be full of beautiful people.


I cannot wait.