Yummy yummy yogart.

A few months ago I reviewed the flavoured coffee from Beanies coffee and whilst I personally came to the decision I am a straight lace coffee drinker I was happy when they returned to ask me to review there new yogart range.

My kids love yogurt and between them they get through over 16 tups per week. So the idea of being able to make our own homemade yogart was pretty exciting (yes I do need to get out more).
Beanies sent me the yogart starter kit which included 6 flavours and the Beanie yogurt maker.

IMG_0392 IMG_0394

Now it’s well know that at times the kitchen and I are at war so I was a little worried about what making yogart entailed.
Well let me tell you in was so simple.

First you place the mixture in a bowl.


You mix the powder with water.


Then place in the yogurt maker and 8 hours later you have yogurt.


Seriously it’s as simple as that !
Now the real important part how does it taste.
Seriously yummy.
My girls so far have tried the vanilla to which they added different fruits and the strawberry and loved both .
The yogurt is smooth and fresh tasting without the overpowering tartness that some have.
The yogurt when made up lasts for about a week in the fridge. Well it is supposed to but didn’t last that long here.
To be honest before this review I would have never considered making my own yogart nor would I have believed how easy it.

Why don’t you give it a try.


*I was given the yogart starter kit to review but all opinions are my own.

How much is too much?

So I’ve been reading in the news about the idea being put forward for longer school days to allow parents to work without child care and also to educate and guide children better.

I can relate to some of the issues raised but I know for me there is no chance. If this became manatory I would be homeschooling my girls for sure.

Only a few days ago I had a conversation with my youngest about slowing down. She is a member of three sports teams a choir and theatre group. She also undertakes a singing lesson and extra literature credits and that’s before church group and church youth.

I barely get to see her in the week by the time she returns from school she eats her dinner and is off to another activity only to come home shower and bed.

Now many will tell me she is living a very fulfilling life and is lucky to be able to access all these opportunities but personally I think she is doing too much.

In fact I feel so strongly about it that we had a discussion about only doing what we really enjoy and not signing up just because a teacher asked her to.

Well the chat didn’t go so well but she did confess she was rather tired and agreed to think hard on it for me.

What is too much though?

Isn’t five hours a day at school enough? Then of course you add in the other hour of homework when are kids supposed to get down time?

I don’t want my daughter to feel tired and stressed all the time. I want her to have time to read, chill and just relax.

Do you guys agree?

Or am I worrying for no reason?

How much is too much?