Supermarket tears

I was just placing the baby wipes in the trolley when I felt something brush my shoulder. I turned to find an elderly lady standing beside me just looking at the portrait of Olivia on my shoulder.

“She looks like you” she said.
I smiled

“Who is it” the lady asked.

“My late daughter” I replied.

There again was that awkward silence when people stay quiet not sure what to say.

“She was beautiful”

“I’m so sorry”.

There in the supermarket aisle this little old ladies eyes filled with tears.

“I’m so sorry”.

I don’t know what to say at moments like this.

“It’s ok” isn’t how I feel. Yet a stranger doesn’t really need to know the pain of my heart.

It’s not the place to tell her that I still cry myself to sleep at night.

That everything reminds me of her.

No it’s not the place.

So I smile a little and say

“We were so blessed”.

At this the lady holds my hand and squeezes it a little.

I don’t know that lady and I’m sure we won’t meet again but that squeeze meant so much.

She didn’t try to say it would be ok.

She didn’t offer me any platitudes

She just offered me love.

No questions need no answers

But the acknowledgment just blessed my heart.

I don’t think there is a right thing to say to a grieving mother.

But the acknowledgement of the loss means so very much.


What to get for father’s day?

With Father’s Day on Sunday the girls are asking their dad what they can get him.


His answer of “anything” isn’t helping.


What do you get your dad on this special day?


Thankfully Dove has some good ideas.


With their Dove Men + care range you can treat your dad to a fantastic gift set.


Dove Men + care range are experts on Man Maintenance and have gifts sets to suit his skin and lifestyle.



Add to the gift of a bottle of Radox and the promise of an hour piece and quiet in the bath and you will have one truly happy dad.



I know Alan will appreciate these gifts.

They are available at most chemists and supermarkets.

Father’s day is a time where we can celebrate all our dad’s do for us.


So often dad’s are forgotten by many, especially the media yet Dad’s play an massive role in the wellbeing of their children.


I am so blessed, I have an amazing dad and an equally amazing husband.


So I am happy that this sunday I get to say thank you to my dad and my husband for being the best dad’s anyone could ask for.

Lets celebrate our dads and the roles they play in our lives and our children’s lives.


# We were given these items for the purpose of a review. All opinions are honest and my own.