Who am I…

Find your blogging niche.

What is your main focus?

Which category does your blog fit into?

These questions are asked each day in the blogging world.

I recieve emails asking for me to define who I am.

Yet I can’t really answer these questions.

Because this blog is me.

The words on these pages are the words of my heart

I don’t fit into any category

I cannot be defined

This could be a craft blog

Maybe one about plus size fashion.

Or could it be a blog about a mothers grief.

It can and it is.

It’s all these rolled into one.

My blog is just like me.

Multi dimensional with so many different loves and different passions.

I learn something new each day.

I get challenged, moved and inspired.

One day I could write about a DVD or a book that ive enjoyed

The next about disability and life as a special needs mama.

I change each and every day

Growing, learning.

You know for so long I have tried to fit somewhere.

A niche, a group, club.

Searching to belong.

But lately I have realised that this is wrong.

I don’t have to be just one thing.

Fit in one place.

I can embrace everything and you my readers can do so along with me.

This blog is my journey

It is full of ups and downs.

Of  moments I will cherish forever and those I may wish to forget.

This blog has opened my world wider than I could have imagined.

Allowed me experiences I could never have dreamed and blessed me with friends I truly cherish.

To try and categorise this blog is impossible because I change each and every day and it changes with me.

In the words of Lewis Carroll



I do not fit in any niche besides the one named Sara.

The perfect niche for me.

Who would do such an awful thing?

I seriously can’t get my head into the right place today.

Finding out someone has stolen my daughters Christmas tree from her grave has made me feel sick.

Each year we decorate her special place with a tree and lights and it’s not much but it’s all I can do for my beautiful girl.

I hate that I can’t buy her gifts. It breaks my heart that she isn’t here to celebrate with us.

So as you can imagine the stealing of her Christmas tree has completely shattered me.

Honestly who would take a tree of a child’s grave?


I’m trying to replace it for her but nowhere seems to have solar lights and small trees left.

I’m trying Livvy I promise.

This is just so awful.


It’s was so pretty now it’s gone.