I went to Kingswood Camps – written by Brodie

A few weeks ago my mom told she had entered me into a competition called “Born to be brave” being run by Kingswood camps.

I was really excited just be entered so when I won I was shocked.


After looking on the website at all the amazing camps Kingswood offer I decided to attend Colomendy on a multi skills week.

Arriving at Colomendy I was nervous but the staff made me feel at ease straight away. We were shown quickly our rooms which were clean and we actually had cleaners through the week. Wish I could have brought them home they would stop my mom nagging at me about my bedroom.

Once all campers arrived we had a big meeting about the rules of camp and how to keep ourselves safe. Then we went off on a scavenger hunt.

This was the start of an action packed week where I conquered many of my fears.

I thought I was scared of heights until I found myself on the giant zip wire and on the abseiling tower.


I knew I was scared of tight places but thanks to the support of the staff I conquered my fears and when underground caving.

My favourite activity has to be the raft building as I had so much fun even though I got very wet.

I highly recommend Kingswood camps to anyone, I had so much fun and barely used my mobile phone and as you know for a 14 year old that’s pretty amazing.

Kingswood challenges you in so many ways and  I am so grateful for the opportunity.

My time at Kingswood camp Colmendy will stay with me forever.

I have had some incredible experiences and made some wonderful new friends.
In fact I loved it so much that I really want to return next year.


Thank you Kingswood camps 


Brodie xxx

Three Fish – Newport

There are reviews and there are awesome reviews and where food is concerned I am in my element.

So when asked to go visit the newly refurnished Three Fish Beefeater restaurant in Newport I wasn’t going to say no.

We have visited Beefeaters in the past and enjoyed wonderful steaks so this was just up our street.

The Three Fish is a lovely restaurant and was easy to find and park. Its on site with a premier inn if you fancied staying the night. The surrounding area is beautiful so well worth a visit.


We all had started with Brodie and I choosing the crunchy chicken wings in BBQ sauce whilst Alan had the garlic prawns. Both Brodie and I enjoyed our wings, Brodie so much that we had to tell her to stop sucking the bones, (seriously it was as if we had never fed her). Alan enjoyed his garlic prawns but would have prefered a little more garlic but he does say that about everything.


For our mains Alan and I both choose steak, I had the rib eye and Alan had the fillet. Brodie ordered the chicken and ribs. We all enjoyed our meals, Alan was a little disappointed as his steak was a little fatty not something you would expect really from a fillet.

Chicken and ribssteak

For pudding Alan polished off an Eton Mess Sundae and Brodie the Cookie dough one. I was a little more reserved and just had a coffee.

Cookie doughEton mess

The restaurant is beautiful furnished and lovely to eat in.

Our only complaints was the wait for the starters  as it was a lot longer than we expected and didn’t go well with the boy but once the food came he did calm down loads. He enjoyed the three course kids meal which he absolutly loved.

The staff were pleasant but a little scarce.

If there was maybe more staff and quicker meal times it would have been perfect.

All in all we had a lovely family and do think Three Fish Beefeater is well worth a visit.




*We were gifted with vouchers towards this meal but all views and opinions are my own.

Telephone in heaven 

I came across a video of a old country song last night called “Telephone in heaven” 

After I finally stopped sobbing and pulled myself together I began to think about who I would call if there was a telephone to heaven.

Of course the first person on my dialling list would be my beautiful Olivia. How I would love to hear her giggle once more. I can barely remember the sound of her voice and this breaks my heart so desperately.

I wouldn’t know what to ask, I mean where would you start? So many things that I would want to say, I know she knows I love her ; but to get to say it to her one more time,if only. I want to know she is free from pain, that she is surrounded by loved ones. Things I’m sure of but would still love to be confirmed.



The second on my list would be be Grandad. This man was and still is my hero. Only now after raising my own children do I really realise what an incredible man he was. So patient, so true. I would want to know if I have made him proud, is he is looking after my Livvy? I miss his wise words and what I would give for the chance to take counsel from him once again. I miss just spending time with him talking about life, people and everything. 

My third and fourth would be my nan and my other grandad. Both such special people that blessed my life. I would just love to check in and hear their voices.

Fifth would have to be a dear friend that left us way too soon. I would want to know that he is ok and that his demons don’t haunt him anymore.
I know this is crazy and I also know that the reality of this would be so different. I mean if I could speak to Livvy by telephone would I ever really be able to replace the handset again

I don’t think I could, talking to her would consume me.

Maybe that’s it, the acceptance stage of my grief. Am I finally coming to this stage in the circle of my life.
I’m not sure, what I do know is that I do talk to my beautiful girl, my grandads, my nan and all those that have gone before me each day. I share the days, my news and my tears with them all.

But still the concept of a telephone to heaven is on my heart today. Is crazy and its wishful.


If you had a telephone to heaven, who would you all today?