Less of the mature please…

I started university this week, I am now officially a student (go me). There I was at thirty-nine years old stressing about what to wear for my first day at school. I had no idea what to expect, the last time I was in an academic setting it was my daughters parents evening. The last time I had been expected to learn was errmm twenty something years ago.

What do I take, what will I need?  My daughters advice of a pen and pencil in my blazer pocket didn’t help, not only because I wasn’t actually going to wear a blazer.

Honestly I was a mess, nerves on overdrive. What were my tutors going to be like, would I get on with the other students?

As I first pulled onto the car park at the university I was in awe, the place was incredible . Already I was waging a bet with myself about the number of times I would get lost.


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So as we head towards October I find myself bracing myself for the impact of my social media campaign #nomoreemptyarms. As I prepare to fill social media with photos of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends hugging their children close, I am also preparing myself for my truth, my arms are empty.

Nearly seven years ago my beautiful daughter Olivia lost her battle to the devastating neurological condition Rett Syndrome. In the early hours of November 7, 2008, our world was torn apart. Nothing could have prepared us for the impact and pain we have had to face as a family.






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