A little piece of Heaven

Let me introduce you to one of my favourite places in the world.

It’s not a gigantic place; it’s not full of bright lights and fancy things.

For me it’s a small piece of heaven, for my children it has been a playground where they have grown up and filled with love laughter and challenge.

Let me introduce The Elisabeth Svendsen Trust for Children and Donkeys (EST) Birmingham.

This is place has been like a second home to us all. The staff there are like family, we have laughed together we have cried together. My memories fill up every inch of the Walls.

Livvy loved the donkeys. It was here at EST she met her match in the stubborn instructor who Livvy loved with all her heart. Watching her tease by pretending to arch her back still makes me smile today. Hearing the “Livvy get your back straight” echo across the ring and the little giggle that followed still warms my heart.

The doctor once told us that Livvy would probably never walk again yet it was here in at the trust that Livvy independently walked across the room too impatient for her donkey ride. It was also due to the physiotherapy she received here at the sanctuary that she had the strength to do so.

So as you can imagine I love this place and I know I’m not alone. Each week EST brings therapy to children with special needs via six centres in the UK. Along with the therapy they give strength, fun and real opportunity to spend quality time with your children. Siblings are also welcomed with open arms. Holiday clubs, weekend visits. They ask for nothing yet give so much.

The centres solely rely on fundraising and donations, yet like most in the current financial climate they are struggling,

So as one who loves these centres with a passion I want to ask you kindly if there is anything you can do to help keep this centres providing the therapy and joy to children with special needs please do so they desperately need our help.

You kindness will be appreciated by all.


  1. Pat Yirrell

    Ah, Sutton Park, I grew up in Brum, and spent many a Bank holiday/Sunday school outing there. It was in one of the pools there that I realised that a hand knitted swimsuit wasn’t a good idea, as it stretched down to my knees! Thank you for sharing the link

  2. Thank you for sharing this place. I looked at their site. It’s always heartwarming to hear about people who are doing special things to offer hope and compassion, and build confidence, skills, and relationships.

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