1. That is so awesome that you took your pain and turned it to helping others!
    So many sink into a pit and never make it out. Although we do not have a special needs child I have a heart for them. Our 3rd was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (fluid on his brain) at our 20 week scan. The wanted us to abort be we would not here of it. The watched him closely through the pregnancy, they even told us he might die because of multiple problems Kidney and the fluid seemed to increase daily. We prepared for a special needs child during the pregnancy, and my eyes and heart were opened to special children all around me. Jadon was born a miracle even my extreamly anti God doctor called him one, the neonatal team was there to put a shunt in at birth….he did not need it

  2. Wow I don’t know what happened during my comment it suddenly published. Anyway my heart changed after Jadons birth. I so appreciate mommies who do so much for their children and to help other children and family’s. GOOD JOB! I pray that God would multiply all that you do and it would bless many

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