What a week!

How can one experience so many emotions in a period of only seven days.

Joy, sorrow

Tears, laughter

The anniversary of Livvys death has knocked me about but how can you show your pain when her sister is conquering her fear and singing a solo in a school concert.

You smile you quieten down the voices in your head and you smile.

Life is a gift but for the last week, months its been a noisy exhausting gift.

This weekend I just pray for quiet.

Not “shush” lets not say a word quiet but just the peace of silence in my mind.

I don’t want to think,

I don’t want to stress

I don’t want to remember

I just want to be

Be quiet


Again I’m joining in with Lisa Jo’s Five Minute Friday.

3 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. I pray you get the rest and solitude you are needing. It sounds like you need to be still and quiet. May you receive those gifts this weekend. Stopped by from FMF – bless you as you walk through the valley.

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