Should we try to imagine God

Today I sat and listened to a service where the Pastor was talking about how we see God.

As she spoke it struck me that this is one of the problems within faiths, religions. We all try and picture God in our own way. Yet I believe the reality is that we cannot picture God. The mere concept is to great. God is way more than the human mind can ever imagine.

Our God is a loving God who deserves our praise our respect. Yet to try and fit him into a someone, a something is an insult. God is EVERYTHING.

As Christians we are so lucky we have Jesus. God gave his only son not only to sacrifice for our sins but he gave us someone to relate to, he became human so that we could love, respect something we could understand. Jesus gave us so much in his teachings, his example,his death.

I personally don’t try to imagine God I feel the limits of my mind would limit his greatness. I just hold tight to his everlasting love and the faith that eternity will bring the answers to my searching soul.

“Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.
(Jeremiah 32:17, NIV)

3 thoughts on “Should we try to imagine God

  1. Very wise words, Sara, this is one reason why I do not like pictures purporting to be Jesus, especially if He has blue eyes! Pictures oare just one person’s view of how He should look.

  2. ah… so that’s where it came our little chat yesterday from! :)
    I could not agree more with you..
    Every single religion tries to clame that is the only one that is right… and in a way limit the way YHWH moves… GOD essence of life itself… and you know what??? it is even wrong to call God, God… as by doing that we are once again limiting Him… this time entrapping to a gender… See how we do it without even realising…
    I am, the one that I am… 😉

    Great post hun!!! xxx

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